thepattywagon: I'm curious, but what kind of textures do you use for drawing? The way your coloring is done is... er, not bland? Idk how to ask this >n<

ah okay well! what i do you can literally see in the last few minutes of my most recent livestream video. i learned ALL of it from iconmaking back in the livejournal days of yore.

my basic routine is:

  • adjust levels (because i tend to color in really muted palettes, levels can amp up the contrast)
  • adjust color balance 
  • make a new copy of the layer, desaturate, set it on overlay
  • set a warm watercolor texture on overlay, lower opacity
  • set a cool grunge texture on hard mix, lower opacity
  • lay down dark blue exclusion layer
  • cool grey color dodge layer
  • resize image, sharpen
  • make a copy of the layer, facet/gaussian blur, lower opacity
  • merge layers, smart sharpen

a lot of it is trial and error and fucking around with it, it’s really fun!

but the end result is basically:

baroops: I know this is a really weird question but what pencils do you use to draw and where do you get them? They're really cute and they looks like they're really good.

i use prismacolor col-erase non photo blue and carmine red color pencils to sketch with! and then for actual pencil lines i just have a regular 0.5 mech pencil… i used to like to undersketch with 2H then line with HB, but npblue pencils just make undersketching so much easier lol 0u0 you can find them at any regular art supply store, i’m pretty sure! they’re really common color pencils.

lucifersempai: h-hey emi. who are your favorite non-fandom artists? i've been wanting to follow more art blogs, so i figured asking an actual artist would be useful! ♥

ah hm well non-fandom artists they don’t really have blogs 6_6!!!! or tumblrs at least. but you can probably google them and find deviantart galleries or something. they are:

  • eduardo risso
  • sean gordon murphy
  • takato yamamoto
  • frank quitely
  • gabriel bá
  • ito junji
  • karl kerschl
  • adam hughes
  • gil elvgren
  • kago shintaro
  • okama
  • skottie young
  • carlo barberi 
  • alé garza
  • alina urusov

someone asked for my favorite fandom artists sooooo these are just a f e w i can think of off the top of my head there are so many i can’t list them all weh

how to thug like me

okay i got a bunch of questions asking me my brush setting so i’m just gonna post em again haha

for further reference i tag all art questions as #tips so just look under there! 

this is my default brush setting, i tweak the density to 66% for thicker outlines

this is my marker tool setting which i use mostly to sketch and do looser drawings, i’m still not used to it so i mess around with it a lot, so take it with a grain of salt:

for coloring i mostly just flat, so… there’s really no real trick to that. haha. just color within the lines :B

if anyone has any other questions feel free to ask!!! 

i did one of these about a year ago but man a lot happens in one year
also i got a few asks about who my favorite artists were and such, so this is a two in one!

i did one of these about a year ago but man a lot happens in one year

also i got a few asks about who my favorite artists were and such, so this is a two in one!

Anonymous: May I ask what is the brush you used for the lines on your last drawing? : >


spookbot: I know you've answered this before (I checked da faqqqq), so I don't mean to be a nuisance, but what are the settings you use for drawing in SAI? I just got it and I've been playing around with them and I'm just curious re: the ones you're most comfortable with.

ALSO: A Favor House Atlantic lyrics. ilu even more.

oh gosh i tried to look through my asks too but i guess it wasn’t tagged! i’ll tag this one so it’ll be easier to find :)

here is my setting for inking regularly: 

and here is my setting for sketching, altho tbh i still don’t really how to really handle marker since i’d just started dicking with it a few weeks ago: 

also yes i just started listening to coheed again and god god gggoddddd i loveeee